Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's new with Fogcutter?

Since the last post, all sorts of stuff has gone on! Things are progressing nicely, especially with Neddick. Since last time we've registered each of the Fogcutter subprojects with sited dedicated to F/OSS, such as Ohloh.net, Advogato.org, and Freshmeat.net. Source code has been pushed to GitHub and the Google Code SVN repository. We've gotten Bugzilla and IceScrum installed and configured, and we have a live Neddick demo site up and running. Additionally, documentation has been written on our development process, and some roadmap documentation has been put together. We've also put together a site at Fogbeam.org dedicated to Fogbeam's open source activities.

Not a bad week's work, eh?

So, for your browsing convenience, here are links to all the new hotness:

Neddick demo site


Development Process Doc
Neddick Roadmap

Neddick on GitHub
Quoddy on GitHub
Heceta on GitHub

Neddick on Freshmeat
Quoddy on Freshmeat
Heceta on Freshmeat

Neddick on Advogato.org
Quoddy on Advogato.org
Heceta on Advogato.org

Neddick on Ohloh.net
Quoddy on Ohloh.net
Heceta on Ohloh.net

I think that's about it. Whew...

Anyway, what's coming next? Well, all of the stuff from the Neddick roadmap, and we also need to get a proper Ant build setup, some tests written, and Hudson installed and configured to do continuous integration and automated testing.

The Neddick screencast should also be forthcoming shortly, which should be fairly enlightening.

And that's about it. Any questions, just leave a comment here, or join the fogcutter-dev or fogcutter-discuss Google Group and post there.

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